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Prinovox for Large Cats 9-18 lbs (4-8 kg) - 4 Pack

Prinovox for Cats treats fleas, ear mites, mange, lungworms and heartworms in cats.


Prinovox for Large Cats is a broad-spectrum spot-on parasiticide for cats weighing between 9-18 lbs (4-8 kg).

It treats and prevents flea infestations, ear mites, mange, lungworms and heartworms in cats.

Only use on cats and kittens 9 weeks of age or older.


Her 0.8ml pipet, Imidacloprid 80mg ve Moksidektin 8mg içerir.

The safety of the Prinovox has not been established for pregnant and lactating cats.

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Sorular ve Yanıtlar (1)
My daughter uses Heartguard in the US to prevent heart worms. What product do you have for that?
We also sell Heartgard but it is for dogs only. We recommend Stronghold / Revolution Plus which protects against ticks, fleas, heartworms as well as most common intestinal parasites.
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