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20 Feb 2018
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Revolution is exactly what it says it is; a revolution. If you own cats, dogs or both Revolution is your answer to parasite prevention, especially fleas. Revolution has proven to be an effective, monthly way to prevent fleas from infesting cats and dogs, and it is even safe enough to use on puppies and kittens.

Revolution doesn’t stop at fleas though, it stops a range of internal parasites as well, which include; heartworm and intestinal worms, such as; hookworm and roundworm in cats. If you think that this has been done before by a topical applied treatment then think again, the name is Revolution for a reason. It is the first topical treatment that stops cats ve dogs, from contracting internal and external parasite infestations.

As a topical application you will have to apply Revolution to the back of your cat/dog’s neck, once a month for them to be fully protected. One other great thing Revolution can do is prevent and treat ear mites, not only in cats and dog, but in your family rabbit’s ears as well.

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