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Daphnie Crowe
Daphnie Crowe
Queensland, Australia
21 Apr 2018
I am very happy with this company
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Heartgard is a chewable tablet worming product for dogs. Heartgard predominantly prevents heartworm but can also prevent roundworm and hookworm. Heartworm can be a silent killer because it will go unnoticed by owners most of the time. Kalp Kurdu is passed on through mosquito bites, so pet owners need to vaccinate against it as it’s virtually impossible to stop mosquitos biting you, let alone your pet.

Heartgard for dogs comes in delicious beef flavoured chewable tablets. With the taste as well as them being chewable means you can disguise the vaccine as a treat. Heartgard will protect your dog against heartworm, roundworm and hookworm. Roundworm and hookworm affect your dog’s intestines and will affect their eating habits and energy levels. There isn’t a weight requirement for administering heartgard for dogs but the age limit is 6 weeks old.

Heartgard Plus Chewables


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