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Monthly flea and tick vaccines for your dogvecats can be a hassle, trying to get them to sit still while you administer them can be a struggle, but we do it anyway to help keep them healthy. There is a solution to these monthly struggles though, Bravecto is applied or taken every 12 weeks and will protect your dog or cat against fleas and ticks.

Bravectofor dogs comes in the form of a chew; simply every 12 weeks swap one of your dog’s training treats for a Bravecto chew. After, your dog will be protected against fleasvekeneler for twelve weeks. Bravecto comes in all different sized doses for all of the different sized dogs and is safe to use with puppies from 6 months old and weight 4.4 pounds or more.

kediler are a little more difficult to vaccinate as they can be out and about doing their own thing a lot of the time, or simply if they don’t want to sit still, they won’t. Well Bravecto will protect your cat for 12 weeks against fleasvekeneler. That means you only have to get your cat to sit and have a flea and tick solution applied 3 times a year.

Bravecto Flea & Tick Protection for Dogs & Cats


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