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Ways to get fit with your dog

 by bora on 27 Sep 2019 |
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Exercise benefits us both physically and emotionally, but working out doesn’t have to be a drag with these tips to get fit with your canine companion.

Regular exercise benefits us both physically and mentally, but working out doesn’t have to be a chore. By incorporating physical activity into playtime with your pet, you can boost both your moods while improving strength, coordination and overall health. Here are a few tips for fun ways to work out with your four-legged friend:

Warm up together: Just like us, dogs needs to be prepared to embark on any fitness program. Spending a few minutes warming up gradually will benefit both you and your pet.

Go for a walk: Taking your dog walking or jogging isn’t a novel idea, but this classic fitness move provides both of you with the exercise you need as well as time in nature that is proven to provide health benefits. There is no magic number for how long you should walk with your dog, but rather, you should adjust leash time to match you and your pet’s individual fitness needs. Senior pets with achy joints still benefit from walks, but may do better with two shorter jaunts, rather than one longer stroll, each day.

Try a new sport: Many pet parents think exercising with their dogs ends at walking and running, but there are numerous outdoor activities you can enjoy with your pet. Before loading Fido onto the paddleboard or kayak, however, ensure he is obedient and well-trained. With a pet that follows your commands and stays calm in new, you can enjoy hiking, trail running, camping and countess other activities together.

Play fetch: Interactive games such as fetch, agility training and nose work exercise both your dog’s body and mind. This will get you outdoors and moving at the same time as your pet, providing health benefits alongside opportunities to nurture the bond you share. These games improve Fido’s obedience training, too.

Hit the water: Exercising in a pool, lake or other body of water offers both you and your dog a low-impact work out that’s sure to burn calories. When seeking a spot to swim with your pet, be sure to avoid areas with strong currents and undertow. Rinse your pet free from any chlorine or other chemicals following a swim. Swimming is an especially good workout for older dogs with arthritis.

Be sure to not overdo physical activity when exercising with your pet. Some signs of heat exhaustion in dogs include excessive panting, hyperventilating and lying down, so stop moving immediately and seek veterinary help if your pet displays any of these symptoms. Daily exercise not only keeps your pet healthy, but can dramatically reduce problems behaviors such as chewing and jumping that are caused by boredom and excessive energy. Spending time you enjoy together strengthens the bond you share with your pet, so get outdoors with your canine companion soon!

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